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We know how important your automobile is to you.  At Kongwheel, it’s also important to us. You may be thinking about Custom Chrome Rims and Custom Wheels for your vehicle.  After all, your ride is looking ho-hum.  It just doesn’t match your personality.  You want to turn heads.  You want to be different.  Custom Rims would be perfect. 

So now that you’ve found us, who are we?  We are Kongwheel, your expert Chrome Rim specialist.  We’re not trying to toot our own horn (figuratively speaking, of course), but our team can hook you up.  We’ll give you everything from optimum performance advice to accurate fitting.  And plenty more.  Free scratch-less mounting, hidden weight balancing, FMC anti-vibration balance and valve stems.  In a nut shell, your wheels will arrive at your front door already mounted and balanced.  All of the installation hardware is included.  It’s simple to install.  You don’t even have to leave your driveway.

If you’re not sure what size, we have many options.  Choose an 18, 20, 22, 24 or 26 inch tire and wheel package.   A full line of tires from over 40 manufacturers guarantees that you will find exactly the brand you’re looking for.  They’re all names you’ve probably heard of, like: Goodyear, Toyo Tire; Akuza; Panther, Incubus;Bridgestone; Kumho race performance tires; Falken; and plenty more.  Tell us what you want and we’ll deliver.  If you’re not sure, just ask one of our trained experts.  It’s that easy.

Sounds expensive, right?  On the contrary, your new Custom Wheels and Tires won’t break the bank.  We’re giving you Dealer Prices!  Truly, that’s unheard of.  And how can we afford it?  Well, we buy in large volume, which means wholesale cost to you.  Guaranteed.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.  A full warranty, dealer prices, and Custom Chrome Packages delivered right to your home for easy installation.  Indeed, that’s a great hook-up.

Take a look at our gallery.  It’s amazing what Custom Rims will do.  Your car will go from looking sad to BAD.  Our customers love the new look.  We think you will, too.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  And we’re not just saying that.  At Kongwheel, we stick by our word.   

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